Meal Prep Recipes on a Budget | Healthy and Delicious Meal Prep Cookbook for Beginners (with Pictures!)

 Meal Prep Recipes on a Budget | Healthy and Delicious Meal Prep Cookbook for Beginners (with Pictures!)
How to create healthy and delicious meals without breaking the bank, even if you’re a novice in the kitchen.

Preparing meals ahead of time means you never have to ask what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In Meal Prep Recipes on a Budget, prep expert Zach Machin makes it easy to start (and stick with) a simple and affordable meal prep routine. With these recipes and beginner steps, you’ll have delicious, healthy meals on hand every day – no takeout required!

Creating mouth-watering dishes is easy with recipes like Italian Meatballs with Butternut Squash Marinara, Refried Black Bean Quesadillas, Pulled Chicken and Stuffed Sweet Potato, and many more to choose from. You’ll find nutritional information and dietary swap suggestions to help you get the most out of each recipe.

In this book, you’ll discover

• Better Than Takeout recipes – where you can create astounding renditions of classic takeout’s such as McDonalds, KFC, Chick-fil-A and many more.
• Meal prepping 101 – Get simple step by instructions on how to meal prep, prep-day guidance, shopping lists, storage info, and more.
• The unique ways to save money whilst prepping, so you have more to spend on the things you love.
• Diet-friendly dishes – Find nutrition facts with every recipe, along with handy labels to point you to vegetarian and vegan options.
• Recipes for the single most powerful weight loss diet, where you can become a fat burning machine whilst still in food heaven.
• Intricate and magnificent flavour profiles that will make you look forward to eating.
• Clean eating – Learn how to make a year’s worth of well-balanced meals from a variety of food groups and minimal processed, canned or frozen foods.
• Cuisines from across the globe – send your tastes buds on an adventure they will never forget.
• Weight loss – The healthy, portion-controlled meals in this book are filling, nutritious, and delicious, and having them on hand reduces the temptation for fast food quick fixes.
• Every recipe comes with the calories and macronutrients pre-counted – Prep meals with the right calories, fat, carbs, and protein you need to achieve the type of body you want.
• Exclusive insight on what macronutrients are, and what they mean for you.
• Room to customize – Introducing a variety of suggestions for swapping out ingredients that aren’t on hand.
• 100+ delicious meal prep recipes and tips

Yes, you really can keep costs down without sacrificing taste or your health!

“Meal Prep Recipes on a Budget is a complete resource for creating balanced, delicious meals that are easy to make and easy on the wallet.”

“The instructions in this book are so easy to follow that you will have success with it, even if you have always struggled to cook.”

Chef Machin has extensively worked on and perfected every recipe in this book, some of them have even taken years to get right. Rest assured, your meals will come out exploding with terrific flavour, every time.
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