Side Adventure: The Playbook to Leverage Your Corporate Job, Pursue a Side Venture, and Find Happiness and Fulfillment

Side Adventure: The playbook to leverage your corporate job, pursue a side venture, and find happiness and fulfillment

Many of us strive to be the best version of ourselves and realize our full potential. However, due to varying circumstances, we end up settling for a job that earns enough money to be comfortable but doesn’t fulfill our aspirations. In his book Side Adventure, Artin Nazarian draws on almost two decades of experience raising over $4 million for startup ventures while simultaneously climbing the corporate ladder at Walt Disney Studios, becoming an executive before the age of 30. By reflecting on both failures and successes, Artin’s Side Adventure offers experience-rooted guidance. The book will help you:

GET INSPIRED to pursue your career aspirations

LEVERAGE your job to learn more than prescribed responsibilities

ADD VALUE to your current company, opening you up to promotions

IDENTIFY when you are financially ready for a side venture

MOVE an idea from its inception to product launch

and ultimately FIND FULFILLMENT in an unconventional way.

Side Adventure is a must-read for all aspiring founders who need to maintain a day job, have opted out of an expensive MBA degree, or lack the technical background or right connections. Artin has used an unorthodox approach to personalize his career success and find deeper satisfaction. Now you can leapfrog into your journey by utilizing his lessons learned. It truly is an exciting journey to bring an idea to life. After all, everyone is just one idea away from happiness! $0.99 on Kindle.

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