Book Stolen From A Demon

Book Stolen From A Demon

Jonathan Libonsky (Jny) read and dreamed a lot and he was afraid that he was different from the others, he was afraid that he would be chosen one but not like Harry Potter, but like a ridiculous clumsy boy. Jny was a 13-year-old boy, student in elementary education in the Scientiws School was known as a school of science fiction and magic.

On this beautiful October day, everything seemed really nice, Jny took out the book he had recently bought, but the book was still empty: it was a very old, brown, and leather-bound book whose yellowed pages were completely blank, then unexpectedly, a writing appeared on the hitherto blank page of the book “You’ll find the answer to your question in the haunted forest, but if you go there, the number of secrets will just grow”… Jny immediately set off into the haunted forest and his incredible journey began! Meanwhile, Jny friends help him with decipher the messages of famous paintings, and with night adventures, but at the same time the book was already being searched by an unknown.

For fans of fantasy, secret places, secret organizations, special creatures, feasible magic, Book Stolen From a Demon is an enthralling tale of witchcraft and magic, that also shows the habitat of the bigfoots, the hunters of ghosts and the life in the haunted village.

Appealing to both young and mature readers, this is the perfect book for bedtime reading!

And “where the setting sun meets the moon, you’ll find the answer there, but…”$0.99 on Kindle.

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