Rose and Thorn: Possession of The King

Rose and Thorn: Possession of The King
Betrothed to the future king that enslaved her father, Ressa Gabriella Rose must play her part perfectly to save her father’s life.
Twenty-year-old Ressa Gabriella Rose infiltrates the castle, impersonates one of the prince’s mistresses, and finds herself betrothed to the future king; all in an effort to save her father. Her father’s wrongful accusation of conspiring to commit treason cost him his freed, his life, and possibly his daughter.

And that future king she’s betrothed to? That prince happens to be the same prince who sold her father into slavery.

There’s no time for revenge, Ressa must sneak into the treasury, steal a rare diamond, and buy her father’s freedom… an impossible task when the prince has appointed his handsome cousin Ezra Thorn, leader of the royal guard, to babysit her until their wedding day. The more time they spend together, the more she begins to fall for him. How is she supposed to get past his guards to get the diamond? And how long can she keep her heart under control?

This fast-packed, slow-burn historical romantic adventure with a hint of fantasy will keep you hooked from page one! $0.99 on Kindle.
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