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The Story Help Make Friends
This children’s book, beloved by toddlers and young listeners, tells a story of true friendship, how to help others and how to cultivate a sense of mutual support. This story is a sweet representation of caretaking and friendship, social skills and kindness and is bound to become one of your child’s favorite books of all time.

Lenny is a playful and sociable dog who is best friends with a turtle named Otto. They play together every day and love going to the park, chasing squirrels and watching all the children playing happily.

One day, the friends encounter Ava, a little girl who has nobody to play with. Luckily, Lenny and Otto are great at making friends, and they begin seeking out other children for her to have fun with.

Soon Ava learns that making friends means that you have to help others, take turns, share things and join in with others. Before long, she has made a whole lot of new friends to play with any time she is at the park.

This delightfully illustrated children’s book is a great bedtime read and is perfect for showing young children an easy way to make lots of new friends. It is sure to become a perpetual favorite for years to come.

Here’s a preview and what else you’ll discover:
• Cute and colorful illustrations with a nice story

• Large and happy figures to brighten up your little one’s mood.

• Not too long for toddlers, grabs your kid’s attention

The Story Help Make Friends will help your child to see the value of beautiful true friendship and helping others. Free on Kindle.

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