Fall of the Western Kings

Fall of the Western Kings
As a commoner, Gant is not allowed to study swordsmanship. He does so anyway in secret with the help of his Uncle Jarlz, a nobleman and superior swordsman. One day on the way home from training, Gant stumbles upon a nobleman attempting to rape a peasant girl. Gant puts a stop to it but is branded an outlaw for striking a nobleman. He flees to a lawless city-state outside the realm of the king. There, Gant must learn to survive in a world filled with dangers he never knew existed and as the world grows darker, Gant is pulled reluctantly toward a destiny he doesn’t want. Barlon Gorth, despotic Mountain King, is bent on revenge against the western kingdoms and he summons a demon prince, Varg, to aid him. Demons are dangerous once released and only the greatest magic can stop them. Gant might be the chess piece capable of neutralizing the demon but a woodland nymph enchants him and keeps him sequestered, unaware that the world is falling into chaos. Will Gant find his way out of the enchantment? Even if he does, can he defeat a demon? $0.99 on Kindle.

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