Celebrity Roast: Ten Tales of Stardom, Fandom and Random Acts

Celebrity Roast:Ten Tales of Stardom, Fandom and Random Acts
“A dark humorous short story collection bursting with surprises.”

Enter a world where Stars, champions, celebrities, winners dazzle you to death.

An aging celebrity is desperate to hit the headlines again.

Once the darling of the tabloids and celeb weeklies, Annabel misses the headlines… but she’ll soon fix that with a spectacular jaw-dropping snapshot of self-delusion! And that’s just for openers.

All manner of nutty Rock Stars, back up singers, actors, teen idols and Classic Soul Stars strut their stuff for you.

This offbeat short story collection tempts you with an entertaining and at times gobsmacking glimpse inside the strange lives of the bizarre crew who people fame and infamy. But be warned, addiction to celebrity can take a nasty turn and notoriety has the habit of becoming deadly. $0.99 on Kindle.
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