My Name Is Sam

My Name Is Sam: ... and Heaven Is Still Shining Through The morning sky is dark with rolling clouds as I sit on a boardwalk bench in Seaside Heights, NJ, just reflecting about how blessed my life has been. The waves are anxious, pounding the pristine sand in a precise, rapid rhythm. The boardwalk is empty except for a few early morning gulls and a man standing by the rail about 100 feet away. As I huddle here, I close my eyes, soaking in the sounds of the surf, the fresh, clean smell of the air, the feel of the salt air enveloping me in the gentle breeze. Through the veil I sense the clouds suddenly open. When I open my eyes I could see the gray sky punctuated by shades of morning pink and blue with a pure white center. You can’t see the sun but know it is just behind that one puffy, thin cloud. Rays shoot out in all directions. Immediately my thoughts dart to my early Religion class days and thinking…heaven is still shining through. $2.99 on Kindle.

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