When Hearts Break

When Hearts Break

No one can hear a heartbreaking.

Alexandra Wright waited, prayed in fact, for handsome William Taylor to one day turn his eyes her way. To him, she would always be the annoying little girl his sister had befriended.

With her home filled with turmoil and upheaval, Alexa spends most days protecting her beloved mother from her selfish and uncaring father. A chance meeting with William while in London changes everything. He quickly discovered she is not the little girl he once knew.

When William relents and allows his heart to open, deep painful losses and cruel deceptions tear them apart. Alexa faces unfathomable misery; a nightmare from which, she cannot wake. With her world torn to pieces, she distances herself from William and forced to marry another man against her will.

Can they find their way back to each other and to the happiness they so deserve, knowing hearts can only break so much before they crumble? $2.99 on Kindle.amazon buy now

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