With Undying Love, Adelaine

With Undying Love, Adelaine
Victoriana, gorgeous, young, and scarred by trauma, has decided to die. Adelaine is dead set on living.

On the night of her near-death experience, Adelaine has the shock of her life when she finds herself plopped into an afterlife waiting room. Shes assigned to Earnest, a caseworker who informs her she only has months to live unless she accepts the abandoned, healthy body of supermodel Victoriana. Refusing an offer that others would die for, Adelaine wakes up in the ICU, thrilled to be alive, in her own body, and certain it must have all been a silly dream.

Fragile but determined to recover, Adelaine clings tightly to life and the love of her tiny, tight-knit family. But when a mysterious someone tries to kill her and Earnestobviously not a dream continues to pop up out the blue, pressing her to sign legal waivers and droning on and on about her upcoming death, Adelaine begins to realize that nothing will ever be the same again, whether she lives or dies.

“Beautiful story of love, loss, and the choices we make.”  $0.99 on Kindle

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