The Crimson Triangle

The Crimson Triangle

In the shadowy depths of the Puerto Rican Trench, far below the tranquil surface of the ocean, lies a realm where the ancient secrets of the sea whisper among the dark currents. Here, in the foreboding expanse known as the Crimson Triangle, Eliana, a gifted marine biologist, leads her team into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle’s mysteries on a perilous quest that will challenge the very essence of their understanding of nature and the supernatural. As a sinister darkness begins to rise in the coastal town of Canto Coral, terror seizes its residents, and the stakes soar higher than ever before. Eliana and her team find themselves in a desperate race against time to decode the enigmatic forces at play in these haunted waters.

Their journey will force them to confront not only a chilling evil emerging from the depths but also the ethical shadows of their scientific endeavour. “The Crimson Triangle” is a chilling narrative that plunges readers into the eerie abyss of the ocean-a terrifying fusion of science, suspense, and unseen forces. As Eliana’s team delves deeper into the unknown, they face their deepest fears and the monstrous realities that dwell beneath the waves.

Will they unveil the hidden terrors of the abyss, or will they fall victim to the dreadful fate that awaits them? $9.99 on Kindle.
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