Vampyre Hypothesis

Vampyre Hypothesis
Dr. Beth Ramsey is at home in the morgue. As a medical examiner, dead bodies are part of her nightly routine at the graveyard shift at Midwest University Hospital.

But tonight is different, because tonight the corpse on her table is bleeding, healing, and sporting a sharp pair of fangs.

After much debate about whether she should turn the supposed-vampire over to her colleagues who would most certainly treat him as a lab rat, Beth decides to secretly remove him from the morgue and take him home. She nurses him back to health and studies him without harm all while hoping not to be his next meal should he wake up from his comatose state.

Beginning to feel a bond and attraction to the vampire as she talks to him day in and out, what Beth doesn’t know could kill her.

Not only is he dangerous, but her patient has become an enemy of an ancient and very powerful vampire. Keeping him by her side will put her right in the middle of a centuries-old feud.

Will her search for answers be worth the cost?

If you like strong female leads, sexy vampires, slow-burn romance, and a little mad science, this dark urban fantasy book is a must-read. $0.99 on Kindle.
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