The Sturm Awakens

The Sturm Awakens

Inos Sevrence is a Corruption Hunter, whose goal is to eradicate the Light and Dark afflicted beasts from her world. But she has a dark secret to her success: she too is Corrupted, empowered by the Darkness she fights against. Though the Darkness within her seems benign, many within Antorris treat her as a monster.

When she happens upon an amnesiac boy possessing unusual magic powers, the two outcasts unite to fight against Corruption. While the threat of war between nations lingers on the ground, something more sinister is brewing in the cosmos.

The Lords of Light and Darkness are feuding over who will rule the universe, and the world of Antorris is caught in their game.
The fate of Antorris lies with a Corrupted Hunter, a dead man, a god, and a boy with the power to change the world.
Will Inos be able to save the world and unite it against the Lords of the Sturm? $0.99 on Kindle.
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