Free: The Final Born

The Final Born
Do we control fate? Or does fate control us?

Calypso Pallas, a cursed princess doomed to destroy her country.
Ophelya Nephus, a second heiress living in the shadow of her sister.
And Leandre Elias, a trusted guard with no memories of his past

In the Empire of Vasyla, the end of Emperor Oryons reign is near – which means the royal scions must soon face each other in a bloody battle for the crown. As the challenge nears and the tides change few realize there is more to this tradition than meets the eye. As strange things begin occurring in the empire, the people’s fate may lie in the hands of its three misfits. Yet none of these three even control their fate – let alone the fate of their country.

Will these three be able to twist fate and make their own choices in their lives for their empire? Or is fate absolute – and the empire destined to fall? Free on Kindle.
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