Thorns of Chaos: A Queer Dark Epic Fantasy

horns of Chaos: A Queer Dark Epic Fantasy
Cain crafts a vivid world … rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes. (BookLife Reviews)

From the peaceful shores of his small village to a world of chaos and darkness, Finn embarks on a quest that will change him forever. Caught in the arms of another man by occupying soldiers of the Holy Dayigan Empire, Finn is wrongfully accused of murderpart of a plan to slaughter his people for their ungodly ways.

With his people facing extinction, Finn’s chief druidess sends him on a mission to seek help from powerful chaos druids beyond their borders. There he discovers Laisren, the man he once loved when they were boys. But darkness has taken its toll on Laisren, and he does not want Finn to follow his same fatea fate that seems unavoidable.

With no other option, Finn embarks on an epic quest to find a relic crafted by chaos faeries that could save his people. He must traverse a savage world full of destruction and death while finding strength within himself against its cruelty.

Only through mastering this Chaos can Finn save his people. But will he be able to overcome the perilous magic without succumbing to it himself?

This is a wonderfully written novel, a tear-jerker and page-turner. I highly recommend… (Queer Sci Fi)

Contains adult material including adult activity, harsh language, and violence. $0.99 on Kindle.
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