Embracing Calla


Benedict has been my client for some time now, and it always feels like Im fighting him to make progress. I love a challenge, but hes proving to be more difficult than my average client. Im used to men feeling like they cant perform and couples looking to spice things up; thats what I see the most of, being a sex therapist and all. That said, I feel like Im finally making some headway. Not bad for two years spent trying to coax him through his personal issues.

I cant help seeing him differently. Ive never felt this way about a client before, let alone Benedict, but those different feelings from before are growing into something bigger. Will I be able to put aside my therapist brain and personal drama to let myself enjoy these blossoming feelings?


Im constantly battling with myself. Theres so much Ive screwed up with my life that I cant help thinking Im worthless or better off alone. When my mom signs me up for therapy, I dont expect the therapist to be the woman Ive developed a crush on. After bumping into her at a local coffee shop, I havent been able to escape the fact that she feels like the only source of sunshine in my life. It makes it hard to go to my appointments. In fact, Im so shy around her that its hard to talk about how messed up I feel. I dont want to drag her down with my problems.

Suddenly, Im telling her things about my life that Ive never been able to talk about. After I get the chance to help her, I dont think theres any going back. Can we get over our baggage and pursue a relationship? Or is this all doomed from the start?

In Embracing Calla, expect a steamy slow burn story with lots of mutual pining and sexual tension. With a Happily Ever Almost ending that will leave you wondering if it was right in front of them all along. $3.99 on Kindle
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