Secrets of Camelot

Secrets of Camelot
forbidden love punishable by death treason magic

In a treacherous backstabbing court, a secret lover is the quickest way to the gallows

Guinevere was set against an arranged marriage. At fifteen, she was ready to fight her oppressive father and smart enough to question king Arthurs glorious reputation. But against her desires, the young court lady found herself falling head over heels for Arthurs charms.

Discovering her mistake too late, Guinevere struggles daily with her husbands true nature, and with little help to guide her through the politically dangerous court of Camelot. A geriatric funny Merlin, the dashing but insomniac Kay and the irresistible but ugly Gawain are unreliable allies, and Guinevere slowly finds her way only to lose it again when Arthurs new first knight Lancelot awakens emotions she never had before.

How long can the affair with Lancelot be kept a secret, and are some consequences worse than death? $2.99 on Kindle.
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