PEPPER: A handsome new neighbor moves in next door, together with his adorable twin sons, arousing my curiosity and other feelings in me. Strangely though he seems to hate me, even before we actually meet. Which is too bad, because my daughter Tiff is just as taken with his sons as me. Things get even stranger when suddenly two wolf cups appear in my backyard and Tiff begs me to keep them.

GAVIN: A new town, a new start, a new life. Thats what I wanted, but my gorgeous neighbor is destroying the peace of mind I had hoped to find. I wanted to give my sons a chance for a normal life, where all three of us can let our dark secrets out without fear of repercussions or prejudice. How was I supposed to know that next door was the home of the most delectable woman I had ever met? Destroying all the peace I was looking for. It doesnt help that my sons seem to adore her and her young daughter. But how can we be friends or have a relationship when I need to keep our secret hidden?

The world might know that shifters are real and live among them, but that doesn’t mean they have fully accepted us yet. $3.99 on Kindle
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"DAD BOD WOLF SHIFTER" by BELLA BLAIR was first posted on on April 10th, 2024. Each day we feature new free and discounted Kindle books in the Paranormal Fiction genre as well as all other genres.

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