From Deception and Deceit to Destiny

From Deception and Deceit to Destiny

Dr. Wanda Simmons Clemmons,(Dr. Wanda) renowned as The Medical Paraclete, extends a compassionate hand to guide individuals in harmonizing their thoughts, words, and actions with the divine wisdom of the Bible. Within the pages of her illuminating work, “From Deception and Deceit to Destiny,” she masterfully weaves together a comprehensive blueprint for achieving robust health and wholeness across all dimensions of life.

The term ‘Paraclete,’ rooted in Greek tradition, signifies a dedicated companion, much like a trusted family attorney, summoned to stand by your side and advocate on your behalf. Dr. Wanda invites you to embark on a journey of transformation and profound growth, building your life’s purpose and destiny step by step, precept upon precept.

By embracing this invaluable wisdom, you gain the power to take command of your choices, decisions, and your overall well-being. It is a triumphant stride toward living the life you were truly destined for. Dr. Wanda’s compassionate and professional approach resonates with every seeker of a fulfilling, spiritually enriched existence. $6.49 on Kindle.
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