Golden Eyed Legend: Legendary Stars Saga Book 1

Golden Eyed Legend: Legendary Stars Saga Book 1

Gifted and Hunted… The Universe Chose Him.
Now his choices will either save his people… or destroy them.

Raised in the shantytown of Lower Ember, Jai, an amnesiac, is ready to accept his fate as no more than a mere blacksmith. Wondering if the Heavenly Stars have denied him, he hides his seemingly useless Fireheart powers. . . Until fate takes a turn and he saves a member of Pyroc, an enemy nation whose people can morph into deadly dragons. Fleeing for his life, Jai realizes that his purpose is far greater than what he could have ever imagined. However, his purpose has brought a death wish upon him.

Now he has two choices: do what he has always done and allow himself to die, or does he accept fate and become the Golden-Eyed Legend? $0.99 on Kindle.
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