One More Last Chance

One More Last Chance

Laney Redford’s small-town life takes a hopeful turn when her boss offers to sell her his saloon. However, a bat infestation threatens to ruin her plans before they get started. And when things couldn’t possibly get more complicated, her past walks in through the swinging doors after seven years, along with the realization she’s never gotten over him.

When rising country singer Ryder Blake finds himself back where it all started, the gig is supposed to be temporary. But when Laney falls at his feetliterallyRyder is faced with his lingering feelings for his first love. He’d never planned on staying but when circumstances cut his visit to Cedar Ridge short, his only hope is that Laney will take a leap of faith and go with him.

Will Laney consider a future with Ryder, or will she have to let him go again? Can Ryder convince Laney to give up owning her own business for a future with him? Will the bats be the end of the Rusty Spur and Laney’s dreams for herself? $0.99 on Kindle.
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