Deceived (The Animus Series Book 1)

Deceived (The Animus Series Book 1)

Welcome to Animus, where we satisfy your need for revenge.

Tonight’s event is Deceived.

I’ve been in the revenge business too long and Karma is coming for payback.

This time you’ll be betting on my survival.

But I have to warn those of you betting on me…

Karma’s playing for keeps. And she’s got my father’s murderers on her side.

Betting options will also be available for my uncle, my cheating ex, and a four man, panty dropping Spec Ops team which includes my high school crush.

What could go wrong?

Bets will begin in five minutes, so choose wisely.

Members, you know the drill.

Winners will receive their money within moments.

But losers?

This time, the losers die.

And members, don’t forget the Animus motto…

What goes around, comes around $2.99 on Kindle.
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