The Meyet: Blood Birth: An Urban Fantasy Vampire Thriller

The Meyet: Blood Birth: An Urban Fantasy Vampire Thriller

Vampires are real. And now Cat’s one of them.

After being turned, Cat wakes as a blood-starved Meyet with no recollection of her mortal life. Her sire claims she’s his own, but that’s not the only confusing aspect of her dark new reality. There are the ancient traditions and culture of the seven cursed lineages of Meyet.

Then there’s the Bloodline, the ruling council that keeps all Meyet in line.

To make matters worse, each new Meyet develops a unique firesign or special ability. Cat’s firesign is truly terrifying and is so strong, it catches the attention of the Pale One, an ancient being who even the Bloodline fears.

With the Pale One after her, Cat doesn’t know if she can trust her own sire. Who truly has her best interests at heart and how is she to control her growing supernatural power?

If she’s not careful, her quest for answers will get her killed…again. Or worse.

If you love horror thrillers or stories where the main character is a vampire, look no further. With its unique lore and mysterious cast of characters, The Meyet: Blood Birth will definitely slake your thirst for YA vampire fiction. $0.99 on Kindle.
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