End of Crows Book One

End of Crows Book One


End of Crows is an incredible combination of Hunger Games, Divergent and a little Harry Potter magic mixed in!
What used to be the beautiful Colorado mountains is now a hiding place for the Crows. The Dominion punishes those who rise up against them, and their rules. PIMs, known as personal identification microchips, are surgically implanted in the mandible of humans at birth, and programmed to detonate should someone decide to go against the Dominion’s laws. Seventeen-year-old Willow Danner was raised under the Dominion tyranny, but her parent’s had been born free. Growing up with a plan to escape, Willow and her family finally flee to the cover of the mountains and the safety of the Crows’ Faction. Instead of finding asylum, Willow finds she is the scrutiny of some members of the Crows. Worried she exchanged one form of imprisonment for another, she decides to take fate into her own hands, and trust her instincts instead of others. As she fights for her independence, someone else wants to take her back behind Dominion walls. $0.99 on Kindle.
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