Murder Casebook Volume 2: 12 Shocking True Crime Cases

Murder Casebook Volume 2: 12 Shocking True Crime Cases

Detailed, objective, and atmospherically written by researcher and former fraud investigator Prash Ganendran, this new volume of 12 more shocking true crime cases will inform, shock, and provoke a gamut of emotions.

In this carefully researched continuation of the Murder Casebook series, the author presents 12 unsettling true crime stories from around the world, including family killings, mass shootings, bloodthirsty serial killers, female murderers, and a horrific home invasion. The victims are portrayed with respect and compassion, reminding you that each one had their own story which ended far too soon. You will encounter appalling murders, ground-breaking forensics, diabolical plots, and an array of hauntingly strange killers, whose darkness and inhumanity is projected boldly from the pages with vivid and memorable writing, drawing you into their disturbing worlds.
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