City Girls to Prairie Girls

City Girls to Prairie Girls
Jesse May Brown didn’t want to stay behind and marry the boy next door who adored her.
Maude Ray was running from an arranged marriage.
Ada dreamed of finding a cowboy out west and planned to save Maude from a disastrous marriage at the same time.

With three separate goals in mind, Maude and Ada end up at the same boarding house as Jesse May and become the best of friends. Set in the late 1800’s the girls find themselves building a life on the prairie, a far cry from the life they had left behind in the city. While learning how to farm and ranch, love blossoms and now with new husbands, together the three couples face their struggles both personally and financially.

Developing relationships with family and friends, good and bad, the story moves through four generations with conflict and strife, as only someone living on the prairie could $3.20 on Kindle.
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