They Called Me Margaret

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Margaret Manning has spent the better part of her life conforming to the expectations of other people–her father, then her husband. Breaking away from this ruinous tradition, she
becomes a cozy mystery writer and decides to open her own bookstore “Thn’e Indie
Book Nook.” But when her husband mimics the behaviors of some of the more unscrupulous
characters in her books, she fears that she is losing him, or even worse that
she is losing her mind.

While abandonment is nothing new to Margaret (she has not seen or heard from her mother since she was six years old) the fear of losing her husband is devastating. She struggles to find the strength to mend her shattered marriage while also coping with obscure health
issues, her daughter’s precarious behavior, a disingenuous neighbor, and an
unpredictable mother-in-law.

Who in Margaret’s life is friend and who is foe is not always apparent, and it’s up to her to figure it all out. $0.99 on Kindle.

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