Charmed (Fated Book 2)

Charmed (Fated Book 2)

Fiona Galloway has known since birth that she is one of the Fated Six chosen to break a centuries-old curse handed down by her ancestor. She is a powerful witch with a gift for healing, is skilled at potions, and can use her air element with a twitch of her fingers. She races toward danger when most run away. Her weakness, however, is trusting people, especially if that person is a too-sexy, charming, affable guy who was forced to participate in their destiny and clearly doesn’t want to. But geez, his allure is weakening her defenses, making her crave the impossible, and she should know better. Love has never been an option. Well, until now.

Destiny is calling…

Riley Meath’s family history is a thing of nightmares. One of his ancestors killed a Galloway during a witch trial, and the two households have been at odds since. Legend states when three-by-three from each family are born, the spell that has riddled both bloodlines with the inability to find and keep love can be broken—if they can join forces in performing fated tasks. Step one has already been completed by their younger siblings, but Riley and Fiona are next, and they’ve never gotten along. They’re in a race against the clock and fighting a brotherhood of hunters to fulfill their part or future generations are doomed. And oh, the brilliant, gorgeous little witch is making it harder than it has to be. So why is he willingly falling under her spell? $0.99 on Kindle.
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