Free: The Rougarou War: A Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Prequel

The Rougarou War: A Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Prequel

This second installment in the award-winning Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz series ties up unanswered questions in Book 1 and ties into our modern day heroes’ next big adventure. Set in Townsend, TN in 1901, Pinkerton Detectives William Rue and Johnny Walking-Stick are hired by the Little River Lumber Company to investigate strange occurrences that has halted the construction of their railroad. What they find is the least of their worries when a family of Rougarous (werewolves) arrive with nefarious intentions. The fate of two communities rests in the hands of a small posse of humans and Sasquatch warriors known as The Knights of the Red Tunic. THE PAIN TRAIN COMETH!
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