Free: Madman: A Murderous Thriller

Madman: A Murderous Thriller

It begins with a strange text message from an unknown number.

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to play a game. You must accomplish a task to prevent a consequence.

Eve Hudson ignores the message, setting off a perilous game that she can’t possibly win. To avoid losing the love of her life, Eve is forced to play the game of an unknown madman. In doing so, she sacrifices her home, her job, and her safety. She asks her best friend for help and plunges into a disturbing world of destruction created by someone who has far more devious designs than she knows.

But when the game takes an unexpected turn, and those Eve has harmed begin to turn up dead, she has nowhere to turn. The choices she makes carry far more consequences than the game’s master had indicated.

Unfortunately, for Eve, this game, the game of the madman, will plunge her further and further into a growing nightmare.

Eve battles through every task, only to realize that the desires of the madman are far from over.

Eve wants her family back.

But first, she must survive the game. Free on Kindle.
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