Ravaged For You: (Ravaged Rockstars #1)

Ravaged For You: (Ravaged Rockstars #1)

A fake relationship with the most desired rockstar on the planet.

Ravaged. The biggest band in the world.Four best friends.No girlfriends.Just us and the music.

I’m Axel Stoll. Bassist. Arrogant. Impulsive. A free-spirited rockstar. I have it all. The fame. The money. The girls. But when an exposing video of me is leaked, things must change.

A fake relationship. I laugh at my manager when he suggests it. A completely false relationship with some down-to-earth girl? Something… wholesome. For the press. Repair my image. What a joke. But it’s the only way my reputation can be saved in the eyes of our fans.

Maddie Leaver, a lowly publicist, is definitely not my type of girl. Which makes her perfect. She’s shy. Smart. Cautious.Certainly wholesome. And she hates my guts. But she needs the money. Badly. And I need a fake girlfriend. Oh, one of us is going to get burned…

You say we’re only friends You say this is not love, But I’m not blind, girl I know it when two people fall

Book #1 of the Ravaged Rockstar series. Recommended for mature audiences. $2.99 on Kindle.
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