New Earth Trilogy: A post apocalypse survival sci fi series

New Earth Trilogy: A post apocalypse survival sci fi series

Lincoln grows up aboard a colony ship that left Earth 200 years ago. Most occupants have given up any hope of reaching their destination during their lifetime. When final approach is announced, chaos ensues. Delighted to be selected as part of the initial exit crew, Lincoln becomes privy to a shocking revelation. Their entire journey had been a lie.

Faced with an entirely new set of circumstances, Lincoln and his friends depart from the ship into a dangerous world. Heading up missions he grows into a leader that his people desperately needs.

Filled with adventure and an unraveling mystery around the survival of mankind, this 3 book series takes us through a story of strong characters and relationships. Surprises around every turn, readers will find their share of excitement in this imaginative and yet familiar new world.

Amazon Review: “A fantastic story of a people’s struggle to survive and find their place in a whole new world. A chance for new life, adventure, and love if they can survive each other. A must read that I will keep in my library to read again.” $2.99 on Kindle.
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