Bravely and Faithfully

Bravely and Faithfully

A New Captain’s First Patrol Turns into a Fight for Their Lives

Sam Powell gets a well-deserved promotion to Lieutenant Commander and a coveted slot at the Naval War College. His replacement, hard-charging young Lieutenant Haley Reardon, is about to get a baptism of fire aboard her new command, the Coast Guard patrol boat Kauai.

Opening with the rescue of a young family from a stricken sailboat in the middle of a major hurricane, Bravely and Faithfully presents an exciting series of adventures, culminating in the covert insertion and recovery of an assault team from a hostile Caribbean island.

This third installment of the series conveys the humor, friendships, and teamwork of Kauai‘s crew from the previous books, with a new series of exciting actions from search and rescue to combat. The crew and their new skipper must come together for the toughest mission they have ever faced.

Enjoy the action, the teamwork and camaraderie of the crew as they face life and death together with their new captain, and the course of second-in-command Ben Wyporek’s sweet courtship of the beautiful, neurodiverse genius Victoria Carpenter.
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