River Rocks

River Rocks Your Adventure Begins Here!

Set in rural Appalachia, “River Rocks” is a riveting coming of age tale of two boys, and a one-hundred-year-old local legend of Confederate gold buried somewhere in the hills that surround their home. The buried gold resulted from a 1903 train robbery, which liberated the U.S. government of their prized ‘Southern Jewel’, 162 pounds of Confederate gold discovered in the siege of Vicksburg. The old legend takes on a fresh life as Josh Baker and Eddie Debord discover the decades old, elusive clue that leads them on the adventure of a lifetime! In their quest, the boys find themselves drifting downriver on a friend’s homemade raft, biking old railroad beds in search of information, hiking hills full of deadly predators, exploring hidden and forbidden hollows, and desperately trying to locate key old-timers who may or may not help them put this puzzle together. Add to the mix a fog-shrouded river island, a giant of a mountain man, a knowledgeable but mysterious retired investigative reporter, and town leaders who make it very difficult to discern which side of the law they want to stand, and you have the ingredients of story you cannot lay down! Suspense ramps up as the story progresses and it becomes a race to the finish to see who can track down the long-forgotten… Southern Jewel. $0.99 on Kindle
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