Sinful Love – Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places

Sinful Love--Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places
She is the most beautiful, desirable woman Richard has ever seen. He’s been starved for love for years, immersed in high finance for a drug lord. He is immediately smitten.

But she is an addict and is only a shadow of herself. Still, he is transfixed by her. So, he must protect her, risk his life for her, in this drug-induced land of Caligula.

She makes him want to be a better man. She intrigues and challenges him to rise above his forgotten morality and to change his expedient, selfish ways if he wants to hang with her.

For the first time, Richard has a true “why” in his life and her name is Hailey.

Get ready for a slow burn romance sprinkled with the cold, hard truth of a late 1980s Uptown Manhattan violent drug scene.

But how will they navigate the daily dangers and savagery of the world they occupy and still plan their way out alive? Will they end up together on the other side?

So If you would love to read New Jack City meets Casablanca, the story begins! Read on! $0.99 on Kindle.

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