Mystical Veil

Mystical Veil
The veil separating the living from the dead has become perilously thin. Dark forces desire nothing more than tearing the veil completely to bring chaos and an end to life as we know it.

Keira had no idea that ghosts were real until she arrived at her dotty grandmother’s mansion. Kicked out of college (again!), her real education in the paranormal realm begins under Granny’s tutelage. Granny is not only an enigma, she’s a powerful mystic. Telepathy, telekinesis, and psychometry are just mumbo jumbo terms until Keira’s latent gifts emerge. Things get very scary as Keira assumes her legacy as the Guardian who protects the Veil, transitioning reluctant spirits across to a higher realm. Ghosts are frightening, but the demons will kill you.

And speaking of demons… She has caught the eye of an evil foe, a necromancer seeking chaos and destruction—specifically her destruction unless she teams up with him. He will stop at nothing to achieve his evil goal.

But Keira isn’t alone. Destiny has led three friends to aide her in her quest. Gwen might be a quirky brainiac, but her devotion and loyalty are beyond question. Gwen’s brother Sean is an asshat…despite being smokin’ hot and totally arrogant when he comes to her aid. And Roy? He’s a super-cute pilot if you can get past his corny wit when he’s jet setting you all over the world.

Keira’s journey is a tale of good versus evil, lasting friendship, and undying love. You’ll experience ghostly chills, laughter and a few tears as you embark on a roller coast ride with twists you won’t see coming.

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