When the sea levels rose and countries eroded, the Corporation Skywatch stepped in with an ingenious plan to save cities. Their approach was successful and thirty years later, the massive conglomerate is considered the savior – and owner – of incredibly large swatches of the United States.

Granted Sovereignty, Skywatch spread its wings across the land, showing a peaceful face while a dark underbelly grew. That darkness spawned genetic experiments that were secretly performed on children – one of whom was Seven Ecks. Dubbed a genetically superior human, Seven is claimed as corporate property…. And now they want him back.

A heartbreaking ‘retrieval’ mission leaves Seven’s parents dead and him on the run. Desperate and confused, Seven disappears into the melting pot of migrant workers that travel the United States, harvesting switchgrass – the country’s largest remaining renewable resource — at mega-plantations, in exchange for food and shelter.

Boston, the only city free from Skywatch’s grasp, may be the only refuge for Seven…. If he can dodge a world-class bounty hunter long enough to get there. $2.99 on Kindle.
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