Love Chaos – Roommate up for Grabs

Making a fool of myself in front of the hottest guy on campus? Check! Then getting stuck as roommates with the same hottie? Check! Being completely humiliated by him on the very first night? Also check! When Luca gets kicked out by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she’s assigned to share a dorm suite with the biggest player on campus. Ben Nowak isn’t just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. A jerk with an irresistible smile that gets him whatever he wants. Luca might find him charming if everyth... [Read More...]


I’m the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL because I know how to read the field. I control the plays—and my life—with absolute precision. Until Liberty Jones delivers the ultimate hit to my blind side with a story about two pink lines. The beautiful, free-spirited brunette has starred in my dreams since she disappeared after our wild weekend in Vegas, but I’ve been burned before. No way in hell am I falling for that line again. But Liberty is the complete opposite of my ex—she’s sm... [Read More...]

Sins of the Fatherland – Scott Jarvis Investigations (Book 6)

Something deadly has been hiding in the bowels of a sunken U-boat for over 75 years… something that if found by the wrong people could literally lay waste to an entire nation. And an old man’s secret is out and the hourglass is running down fast! Audrey Lambert and her grandfather need Jarvis’ help and they need it fast. Henry Lambert, the last survivor of an ill-fated submarine training cruise just after the close of World War 2 is holding Pandora’s Box and the lid is already being pri... [Read More...]

Queens of Beasts: The Life, Love, and Death of Adara Mashall

Welcome to Hell Fire Valley where if the boredom doesn’t kill you, the monsters beneath the surface surely will. Adara Mashall is in town three months after her grandmother’s mysterious passing for one thing and one thing only: answers. Daniel Farell and Alonzo Leones wanted Adara from the moment she blew into Hell Fire Valley. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s strong. She’s the key to getting their hands on the Mashall land. When tensions mount, Adara find... [Read More...]


Adventure calls, kidnap the oracle of the Vanfian race. And this witch happens to belong to the king himself. Lovely. Supposedly, the oracle is said to be grotesque, but someone got the definition wrong. This woman is beyond beautiful and needs my help unlocking her powers. And there’s only one way we can make it happen…her loss of innocence. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Ruby the Rainbow Witch: Meet the Amber Fairies

Ruby finds her garden is less than picture-perfect. The gingerbread tree is missing its gumdrops, the peppermint tree has no swirly-whirly mints, and her colorful candy tree is bare. The Amber Fairies usually take such great care of the garden, but no one seems to be home. Where could they be? With a little kindness and a wave of her swirly-whirly wand, Ruby will once again prove that friendship is truly magical. ... [Read More...]

A Very Funny Murder Mystery

When Jepson the butler is drowned in his own mango chutney at a ladies’ curry evening, self-proclaimed detective genius Clinton Trump arrives on the scene: ready to shun logic, breach protocol & trust in his own gut instincts. This hilarious detective spoof is packed with British humor, one-liners and lots of silliness. It really is tremendous fun! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Game of the Dragon

The Tao Te Ching, or Book of the Way, is an ancient Chinese text focused on the art of living and is broadly considered one of the wonders of the world. The Tao looks at the basic dilemma of being alive and gives advice that imparts both stability and perception. Now, modern poet Simon C. H. Lai builds on the foundation of this groundbreaking work through poetic verse. The Game of the Dragon is a selection of new poems written as an extension to the Tao. This collection looks at the Tao in a di... [Read More...]

Free: The Casanova Club Box Set: Books 1-3

A billionaire match-making club. 12 of the world’s most eligible bachelors are looking for love and the perfect wife. I signed up for one year as the bachelorette in hopes of winning someone’s heart, and now I’m the lucky lady they’re all after. But $1M prize seems like a better deal than a ring, I have to save my families business. Come on boys, show me the money. ... [Read More...]

Free: The NYC Werewolf In Camelot Book One: Vampire Hunt With King Arthur & Merlin

Welcome to a world of magic and mystery…With King Arthur and Merlin overwhelmed by evil supernatural forces the NYC Werewolf arrives just in time. Get ready for a wild ride including battles with traitorous knights, a vampire and witches! ... [Read More...]