Actosite: Wrath of the Flesh Devils

Actosite: Wrath of the Flesh Devils
A family from the United States find themselves abandoned in the Amazon rainforest. They do their best to survive in that harsh wilderness when they are confronted by a man-eating animal species previously believed to be just a myth of local folklore. The actosite was for real and it had the intelligence, technique, and fury of a savage predator. Can the unsuspecting family survive the crushing jaws of the creature the locals believe was sent by the devil himself? The beast the natives call Actosite! $3.99 on Kindle

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"Actosite: Wrath of the Flesh Devils" by Richard Katin was first posted on on March 03rd, 2020. Each day we feature new free and discounted Kindle books in the Horror genre as well as all other genres.

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