The World Between Worlds

The World Between Worlds

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Big Little Lies in the story of one woman who must save the world while making it home in time for school pickup. Cleo Montgomery’s life is in tatters. After her husband leaves her without a backward glance, she moves into her grandmother’s house with her young son in tow. Cleo worries about fitting in with her new neighborhood’s real housewives until an immortal emissary reveals a hidden destiny: Cleo is a Peacekeeper, gifted with magical ability and member of an ancient order charged with guarding humans from supernatural forces. Now Cleo’s problems have horns. And fangs. Cleo struggles to juggle kindergarten classroom politics and botoxed mommy cliques with the hidden world of the fantastic where someone gathers a dark power that could destroy them all. Cleo must stop the impending apocalypse. But is it possible to fulfill her cosmic duty and still be a good mom? $2.99 on Kindle.

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