And so Began the War

And so Began the War
The young roboticist, Zoe Evelyn Lionheart & her house-robot, Herbert, are swept away on an adventure to stop a war, after a powerful government vies for control of a technologically superior nation. When that nation’s government refuses to be controlled, robot production is put into overdrive to create a robot army, alarming the world-renowned roboticist, Michael Alouicious Copperpot. After Lord President Smythe and Vice-President Perriwinkle realise that the robots are disobeying their programming, they resort to unleashing an army of mindlessly obedient clones to overthrow the robots and take control of the resistant nation. Seeing these events unfold, and concerned for the people of the world they created, The First Five Gods send in one of their own – Dalfor, The God of Order & Chaos – to try and soften the blow of the war and prevent things from getting out of hand $2.69 on Kindle.
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