Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early

Imagine a world where Da Vinci’s robots roamed the Renaissance, where ancient skies were cut by wings far before the Wright brothers took flight, and where the hum of electricity powered cities long before it was a reality. “Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early” opens a captivating window into the audacious human spirit the dreamers and thinkers who dared to envision beyond the limitations of their epochs.

Dive into tales of flush toilets that arrived before their sewers, high-speed travel concepts that outpaced society’s pace, and mechanical wonders that forecasted the digital age in an era of iron and steam. Each chapter in this mesmerizing book explores the breadth of human ingenuity through the lens of those whose visions were so advanced, they sparked transformations far beyond their lifetimes. $5.99 on Kindle.
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