Into the Heart of the Infinite

In the Heart of the Infinite
and Embark on a Profound Spiritual Journey

This insightful narrative speaks to the deep truth of human life and the amazing potential we all hold within us. Dr. Nolan is an award-winning author whose latest work chronicles a powerful narrative, tracing a woman’s journey from childhood divine visitations through the depths of mystical psychedelic experiences, passages to India to meet her guru, and divine revelations.

As a real-life story, the memoir encapsulates the highs and lows of spiritual transformation, self-doubt, loss of faith, and the emergence of a deep, lifelong relationship with the Divine, manifesting as an inner Guru/Guide. It presents an unparalleled account of what it is like to experience the God Self.

“A beautifully told memoir in the spirit of a self-improvement guide, Into the Heart of the Infinite by Maetreyii Ma Nolan is a revelation of personal enlightenment…
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