Unprotected: A Clean, Small-Town, Family Drama

Unprotected: A Clean, Small-Town, Family Drama

The United States government seeks to strip American citizens of their constitutional right to bear arms. For months, the nation has heard the talk but most never thought it would happen. Now that it has, the clock is ticking until everyone must relinquish their guns, rendering them helpless to protect themselves.

Soon, the country watches in horror as cities fall prey to rioting and looting. Lawless hordes rush to burn landmark institutions to the ground, destroying untold numbers of innocent lives.

A beloved sheriff grapples with enforcing a new law with which he doesn’t agree and works to appease his disgruntled townspeople. Can he keep his town safe amid national chaos, or will the insurrections of the dregs of society destroy everything they hold dear?

Unprotected is a story of Christian fiction that follows an entire town through perilous and uncertain times and is told from the perspective of Conservative Christianity. It is free of profanity and sexual themes. $0.99 on Kindle.
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