Shelby and the First Ride: An Old Quarry Lake Farms Tale

Shelby and the First Ride: An Old Quarry Lake Farms Tale
Shelby Simone is a horse-crazy kid living in the city with her parents. Despite having the best friends ever at the exclusive Metro School for Girls, she cant help but feel something is missing from her life.

When her parents break the news to her that theyre moving to a nearby rural community, Shelby is devastated until her parents promise she can take riding lessons at Old Quarry Lake Farms, one of the best-known riding stables in the state! Shelby only has a month to say goodbye to city life and hello to a new world that includes horses.

After a rough start at Old Quarry Lake, Shelby starts to wonder if horses are really as wonderful as she imagined. As the summer days creep closer and closer to her first day at the Old Quarry Lake school, she worries if the trade-off was worth it.

Join a group of pre-teen girls who build a bond through their love of horses. Together, they tackle situations like moving to a new town, feeling different, and accepting themselves and each other just as they arewhile sharing everyday adventures with their horses!

For young readers, pre-teens, tweens, and teens, the Old Quarry Lake Farms Tales are not just warm-hearted stories about girls and their horses, but provide information and insight about horses and the world of riding. $0.99 on Kindle.
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