If Only I’d Known! How to Outsmart Narcissists, Set Guilt-Free Boundaries and Create Unshakeable Self-Worth

This therapist-written and recommended 3-part book will help you understand the inner workings of a narcissist, heal from narcissistic abuse, and experience sustainable post-traumatic growth.

In relationships, have you ever found yourself:

Feeling like something is “off,” but not being able to explain why?
Leaving conversations feeling more confused than when you started them?
Mentally rehearsing the “best” way to bring something up so your partner won’t get mad?
Constantly ruminating on how to “make sense” of what you feel and what’s happening?
Trying every communication strategy, but nothing seems to work?
Feeling “not enough” no matter how hard you try?

Narcissistic abuse creates a tidal wave of confusion, hypervigilance, and overthinking. You have trouble thinking clearly, remembering things, or taking in new information. You feel frazzled, foggy, and flawed.

And because these changes are happening to you—you begin to wonder:

What’s wrong with me?
Why can’t I make this relationship work?
Am I fundamentally broken?

And that’s exactly how narcissistic abuse works—it happens so subtly that you believe the insecurities you’re experiencing are “you” instead of “what’s happening” to you.

You think there’s something wrong with you.
You think you need to change or get better.
You think they’ll grow out of it.
You think no one else understands.

Narcissistic abuse is a multilayered attack on your sense of self—a dismantling of who you are and what you believe you’re worth.

This book covers unique information related to narcissistic abuse, including:

How different narcissistic types love bomb
Cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and physiological warning signs that you’re being abused
How and why narcissistic trauma bonds form and the process to untangle yourself from these binding relationships
How to set boundaries even if you’re an empath or highly sensitive person
The most common reasons you stay stuck and how to get “unstuck”

If you’ve ever wondered:

How did I get into this relationship?
I didn’t experience an intense love-bombing phase—are they still a narcissist?
I’m such a people pleaser—how can I set better boundaries?
What if healing isn’t possible for me?
I feel so lost and broken—where do I even start?

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