Kiss of Power: Darby Crime Family (Mayhem Makers – MMM)

Kiss of Power: Darby Crime Family (Mayhem Makers - MMM)
Ellis Darby has settled in as boss of the Family,
and with that title comes power.
Power to do what he wants.
Power to take what he desires.
And what he desires is an heir from Arabella Bartel.
Unconcerned that the fiery young woman hates him
and tells him so at every turn,
he will collect what he craves.

A plan is devised.
An agreement is signed.
The bossā€™s plans are falling into place;
his legacy is all but confirmed.
Then danger steals in with an unexpected kiss.

Arabella and Ellis have everything to lose.
Will her defiance and his reign survive their kiss of power? $2.99 on Kindle.
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