The Forgotten Ghost

The Forgotten Ghost
George Alexis is the most famous pop star of the 1980s. However, one night he is murdered by his girlfriend in his manor house.

It’s present day and twenty-four-year-old Elsa Harding is celebrating her engagement to Rupert Tomlinson. Rupert treats Elsa like an employee and dictates what she should wear, how she should behave, and expects her to be flawless in every aspect of her life. Elsa runs away from the claustrophobic Rupert and her car breaks down in front of a mysterious and dilapidated manor.

Going in, she sees pictures of George Alexis on the walls, but thinks nothing of it and makes herself at home. But before she gets too comfortable, she comes face to face with George’s ghost and is flabbergasted. Elsa doesn’t run away and stays in the house and romance ensues. However, Rupert is hot on her trail and will stop at nothing until he finds her. $0.99 on Kindle.
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