Free: Forever Sheyanne

Forever Sheyanne
One smile can be the beginning of Forever . . .

On the first day of high school, Sheyanne Anderson (aka Shy) expects to see all of her old friends. But never does she imagine meeting him, Lanny Romero, let alone, becoming fast friends.

As their friendship blossoms into first love, Lanny draws Shy into an enchanting world of Native American ways that include spirit animal guides and respect for Mother Earth. They also must learn to respect each other’s values and boundaries as they navigate their ever-deepening romantic relationship.

In time, their bond grows stronger in spite of challenges, but then they face the greatest challenge of all when Lanny’s called by his elders to make a potentially life-changing decision. He’s torn between a deeply-felt duty to honor his Native elders and an even deeper-felt love commitment to Sheyanne.

The strength of their love connection is put to the ultimate test when the time arrives for Lanny to decide. What will it be? Free on Kindle.
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