The Regrettable Decision

The Regrettable Decision
At the altar, Zarayah cant help but wonder if she’s making a terrible mistake

Keeping her husband-to-bes secrets from her family wasn’t the first gut-wrenching decision she had to make. Choosing to go through with the wedding after learning what Zaire has done leaves Zarayah with a bad taste in her mouth. But surely its too late to call things off when they’re standing at the altar together right?

Backing out would embarrass her family and herself.

So she goes through with the marriage and things go from bad to worse. Their honeymoon cruise is a disaster and her anything-but-loving husband leaves her wondering if her family was right maybe he’s not good enough for her. Still, she tries to make the best of things, until she learns he’s keeping more secrets from her. Can she break free of him and live life on her own terms? Or will he keep her under his thumb forever? $0.99 on Kindle.
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